Problems and Solutions


Due to the Sahara Desert already being a desert area it's difficult to find things that could go wrong.

The main threat to the Sahara is no rainfall, if the Sahara gets no water then all of the small mammals and reptiles will become extinct or endangered leaving no food for the birds. Another threat to the Sahara Desert is the temperature rising, making it too hot for the animals that live there. Both of the threats that I have mentioned are caused by Climate Change and Global Warming.

tree & sand-dunes

Actions to Protect

the Sahara Desert

There are not any known actions being taken to protect the Sahara in particular, but because the threats are caused by Global Warming actions are being taken incidently.

Reducing carbon emissions would be the main action to stop Global Warming. In Australia 'caps' have been put on all of the major compainies, this means that if they go over their cap (i.e 100,00 litres of carbon) they have to pay a fine.

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